Our prayer for you:

May you always have love to share,

health to spare,

Doodles by the pair

and friends who care.


    Biebs 1web   Born 3-11-20


June 2021

Biebs passed AKC- good citizenship.  He was perfect!!!! ❤️

“I am training to be device dog for mobility 
“He is doing great- he loves to go everywhere with me!  And soon will be able to do so
“Does not want to b left home- he is almost human lol” 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗

     BeaudreauwebBorn 3/11/21 


June 2021

He is now 10#. Eats very well. Gets last set of shots, except for rabies, a week from today. I have had a trainer weekly and he now knows about 20 commands. His trainer said he is the smartest dog he has ever met!!!! Will keep you posted throughout.  Lynn

March 2021

Thank you!!! Pepper has brought so much joy to our lives.  She is THE BEST hugger and cuddler I have ever met.  She is a spoiled little girl!!


   Pepper5web                       Pepper6.webjpg

January 2019

Laura Peters Armstrong Joan Standlee, I’m so happy we found you. Winston is the smartest, sweetest family member we have ever had. He is the most awesome dog and we could not love him more!



June 2017

 Hi, Joan... so good to hear from you and to learn you're going to have so many beautiful fur babies available! 

Stormy had his 8th birthday last month and continues to charm all who meet him! He continues to hide treats among the pillows on the bed where Dennis took his last breath... it was a year on 6/13. 
Thank you for keeping in touch... much luck and best wishes! Adios for now, Ida McCarty and Stormy🤗🐶 
Sandcastle is sorry to report that Stormy passed away in 2019. He was a great addition to the McCarty family. He also has his picture posted in the Arizona dog contest and placed 2nd. We are happy to report that Ms. McCarty will be adopting his son Parti-Time when he retires in March. Thank you Ida for you welcoming home to our boys.
 thumbnail 36

July 2017
Puggles is doing great.  We kept his name, since it really fits him.  He is 40 pounds, 22" long (shoulder to butt) and 20" high (shoulder to paw). He is a great dog!  Very loving, yet mischievous.  He gets along with other dogs and plays well with our other one also
My wife wanted me to ask you, "how much is Chocolate Chip?".  However, we are not ready for a third dog yet, but will definitely call you up when we are.  Thanks for breeding such a cool dog and Puggles says HI!
Thank you,
Puggles1web            Puggles2web

July 2017

FYI, Charm is doing well in Hilton Head, the best friend a 81 year old man could possibly have.
She sees Bear, owned by my son, several times a year.
Ned Kight

July 5, 2017


Hi Joan, 

Here are a few pictures of Piper.  She is such a sweet girl with a great disposition and always in a great mood.  She loves to play with our 90 lb black lab and loves to ride in the car.

Her weight has stayed between 23-25 lbs.  Hope you all are doing well.


Gayle Anson


Piper1web          Piper2web

Piper3web         Piper5web

Piper4web          Piper6web

I am so pleased and lucky to have gotten this little girl, we call her Poppy! She is A fabulous dog !! And I don't think that's by whim or happenstance...the more I hear about other dogs and breeders the more I am convinced these Janet and Tim are THE BESt breeders!    Sandy Brown Levine


Poppy5web     Poppy1web   Poppy2web


Poppy9webjpg                                         Poppy10webjpg

Look how big he is getting we couldn't be happier and we love him so much!! He's the sweetest and most patients dog we have ever owned. He was meant to be ours. Carla Hudson 2017 ❤️🐾  



Happy national puppy day!
Here's RIPKEN! 
Nine months 
And an absolute delight🐶❤️🐾


Ripken3 17web            ripkinweb

Thank you for the wonderful gift of Hope (Sweetie Pie).  Melissa Workman 2017

" I had a busy day today. Bible Study this morning, off to lunch with my peeps and off to my new job. Got to ride in the front seat home. I deserved it."

hope2web      hope3web





Oh my goodness!  Now I know where she gets her beautiful coat!!  She is adorable and I absolutely love, love, love how her coat is turning out.  I sometimes call her “my velveteen rabbit.”   The “not happy with bows” picture is a more recent photo that gives a better perspective of how her head and feet are staying dark.  She is so sweet and beautiful – give Oliver a big hug and kiss from me and Nestle!


Nestle Happy Girl2                  Nestle Not Happy with Bows2

Hi Joan,

Izzy is the best dog I have ever had.  Thank you for connecting me with this wonderful little dog.  Everyone loves her!

Merry Christmas!

Tim Mann

December 2016

Ripken is spending Christmas in Grand Lake, Colorado!
He loves the snow!
He is the best pup ever. I'll try and send a family picture later this week.
Merry Christmas


December 2016

Hello, Merry Christmas to your family from ours. Sending you holiday wishes which include our beautiful beautiful baby Tickles. She will always be our baby girl. She could not be loved any more. She is a huge part of our life. She is perfect!!!  She gives us so much joy. She still lives up to her name Tickles.  She is all about giving kisses. Thank you.  Roger, Jill 


December 2016

We bought Sweetie Pie 3 years ago to be a companion for our 10 year old Lab, Joye. She was 14 months old.
We renamed her Hope and took her through pet therapy school.
She is such a sweet girl and gives lots of people hope when she visits them.
I just wanted to thank you for this amazing dog. 

Melissa Workman


 May 2015

 Storm King  continues to be the most perfect dog we could have ever hoped for! I have made up a song for him... to the tune of Twinkle Little Star - hope I'm not infringing!

Stormy is an angel of God, I can see it in his eyes

God sent Stormy to be with us, 

to help us face the trials we must.

Stormy is an angel in disguise,

I can see it in his eyes.


Stormy truly has been God-sent... . We are truly blessed to have come in contact with Sandcastle!

Best wishes from Ida, Dennis and Stormy McCarty

May 2015


I have had Tegan Park Scottish Charm (now Missy) for almost 4 years, best dog that ever lived.  Literally follows me from room, sleeps by my bed every night..


Ned Kight


 Hi Joan,

Want to reach out and let you know how Pumpkin is doing..... She is smart, loving, energetic, and has become a great part of our family. Always friendly and wants to meet everyone and every other dog, she see.

We took a picture, after her first grooming and the silver color is really visible now.


Best Geri & Paul Cohen


 pumpkin web         Pumpkinweb



princess mom dad  princess1  princess4


Our sweet little Princess and her new parents.  On her first trip to Petco, then at home with her new toys.  Boy is she wore out and ready for a nap.  Then it was time for a walk. 


princess2  princess3



coopers birthday cardcoopers 1st birthday


Joan and Robyn,


I just wanted to update you on Cooper.  I've had him for 6 months and he has been a pure joy.  It's been amazing how well he has adjusted.  He has graduated from Puppy Classes as well as Good Canine Citizen.  The dog trainer said he was a wise old dog during puppy class ... not at all aggressive.  Exceptionally well mannered personality!


Lynne Wallom


cooper    cooper at puppy class





Mollie May Rape we have never seen a happier dog.




Mollie May Rape Chick-Fil-A thief.

Now we know why she's so happy. 


stormydiscoverytv_web stormynap_web

Stormy watching Discovery TV                                            Stormy taking a nap


Hi, Donna... Stormy is doing beautifully! He sleeps with us all night and has learned the morning and evening "drill" re: going out for P&P and a good walk.  Sometimes Dennis and I will eat watching television and it only took one time to let Stormy know he was not to sit and watch us eat... now whenever we do eat watching television, Stormy goes right to "his" spot - his choice - under the kitchen table!

Not only is Stormy the "new kid on the block" but he's absolutely a big hit with all the  neighborhood canines AND their owners. I have noticed that 2 of our disabled/elderly neighbors look forward to seeing and petting Stormy - they are so gentle with him, and he with them! This little guy is definitely a blessing in our lives... it's a match made in Heaven!
I will continue to keep you updated... last week Stormy met the veterinarian (he actually gets down on his knees to deal with the dogs!) and tomorrow the three of us will meet the groomer... happy days! Adios for now, Ida




Things are moving right along... Stormy and we have adjusted well to each other... around 6 am I take him for a walk for his P&P time.! (We walk about 1-1/2 miles in the morning and again in the evening.) After the morning walk we come home and he gets fresh water, 1/2 cup food w/1 or 2 treats.  Around 4 pm he gets his dinner (he's eating really well!) and around 6:30 or 7 pm we go for another walk and P&P, which he does!

The most impressive aspect of this adventure is that Stormy and Dennis are  buddies! They go for a ride in the golf cart in the early afternoon... then, at about 8:30 pm, they go to bed together (this is so special!); and in the morning, we begin our day again.  Seems like the pattern is that during the day Stormy is my shadow but evening time he's Dennis' shadow!
It's incredible how much difference having this little guy with us has made... Dennis is not so focused on himself and his medical/anxiety issues - he's becoming quite mellow, just like Stormy... this is what I call a true success story! 


Photos will be going out to you soon... in the meantime, THANKS!!!!! Adios for now, Ida






We have had Molly for about a month now and she fits right in at our home. Her personality is like no other; she has a smile on her face all the time. Molly loves to play ball and run around in the back yard with her other furry family members, Maggie and Max. It did not take very long for Molly to learn her name and respond to it; you can call her name and she turns to look at you. She is a very quick learner and can now sit on command and shake hands. Her favorite way to have fun is to climb all over and wrestle with her big brother Max. Molly is a bundle of energy with a loving spirit. Everyone that meets her says she looks like a stuffed teddy bear and is incredibly cute. She is my little sidekick and goes everywhere with me. She loves to ride in the car. Thanks for such a great dog, she is a such an important part of our family now.





We took Tippy to the beauty salon for a bath and trim today. The groomer said she was a perfect little lady throughout the entire visit. Her puppy hair was trimmed back a bit and everything else was evened out. We want to keep her hair a little longer in the future, so the groomer said this first trim will allow her hair to come in thick and even to the eye.

She loves everyone and every dog she meets. An occasional bark at another dog is followed by a happy greeting and desire to play. We still take her out every 3 to 4 hours to go potty during the day; she has only made three mistakes since we've had her, which was our fault for not watching the clock. Other than that, she's been absolutely perfect. We've broken all of the crate rules because we didn't want her locked up at night. She sleeps with us and just uses her open crate to take a nap every now and then. She also has free run of the house and hasn't chewed anything except the handle on my home office desk drawer on the second day after she arrived, and that was minor.

You've given us a real special little girl who makes us smile all the time. Tippy is also becoming a little celebrity in Big Canoe. Her markings are very distinct, but match her personality, which everyone loves.


paisley1_1103 paisley2_1103 paisley3_1103

Summer Vacation                   Hanging out at the house           Drying off after a swim

Hi Donna,

I feel I am past due for a Paisley update!  I saw that she has some little brothers and sisters available now!  Bear and Bella certainly have the sweetest pups; I think Paisley looks a lot like her mom. She is now 2 1/2 years old and is the sweetest dog I've ever known.  She's quite popular with friends, family and neighbors due to her friendly, happy disposition, not to mention how cute she is!  We did obedience training this summer and she was one of the best in the class.  In fact, she was used as the demonstration dog almost every week.  In introductory agility she was not at all afraid to try anything new and was quite agile!  As you can probably tell we are absolutely in love with her.  I tell people all the time how she truly has lived up to everything I read about the breed.  I would have 10 of your dogs if I could! I hope all is well in Florida.

Take care,

Gina Hutchison


p1000011-1 p1000062-1



Jasper is super. He is through almost all his shots, and takes each one as a trooper.

He's really enjoying his big sister and gets compliments everywhere he goes.  We were just on the deck commenting on how handsome he is.  He's learning commands so fast that we have to think of the next thing to teach him.  He is just learning to keep his crate dry and clean at night, and his "accidents" inside are becoming fewer.  I guess he's training us better each day.

He's now up to 8 pounds at 14 weeks.  The vet was most impressed on how he had been trained by you; he knew his name and was attentive to the doctor's voice.  He seems fearless to loud noises and does not retreat from large dogs.

My wife has said many times that he was well worth the drive to get him.  He's cute, sweet and loves his mom totally.  In other words, he's exactly what we wanted in a second dog.

Mark Roddy


Just wanted to give you a quick update. Busey is doing awesome!! All his check-ups with the vet were great; he is eating a lot, is so well-behaved and well-trained (thank you thank you!!), and he has mastered the stairs!!

We just wanted to let you know how greatful we are to have this little guy and we love him so much!

Thank you again for bringing him to us!!

Laura and Jim Henly


Hello Donna,

Here are some pictures of our Remy (Remington) at 6 months old. We sure do love him. He is such a big part of our family. Remy gets along with his brothers Oliver (a Yorkie) and Snoopy (a Cocker Spaniel). He was very easy to train. We would love to have another one in the future. They are so good-natured and love to be around people. Many thanks for such a wonderful dog.

Bob and Sherry Windsor


I just wanted to e-mail you and fill you in on our little Chloe. She is doing so great. She has slept through the night every night so far without any crying...and no accidents in the house so far (knock on wood).

She loves the Christmas tree in the house, it is her favorite place to lay with all of her toys. I think she will be very sad when she sees it leave after Christmas.

We have a crate for her: however, she is rarely in it. She sleeps in bed with us at night with her head on the pillow - the little princess!

She went to the vet Tuesday for her puppy check-up and got a great bill of health. She's eating very well and taking naps regularly and playing a lot! We love her so much. She really is the highlight of our little married life thus far!

Christen Crum


Many thanks to Sandcastle Labradoodles for our sweet Paisley! She is doing wonderfully! She is so smart and training her has been a breeze. She has mastered "sit, stay, come & down" and is great at walking on a leash and fetching. No doubt the love and training she received from Donna was just the start she needed! The non-shedding coat and non-allergenic aspects of the Labradoodle is such a nice bonus; it makes having Paisley as a house dog very enjoyable and low maintenance! She is great at riding in the car, she has her little spot on the backseat and loves to go places with us. We take her on many outings; she loves to go hiking and walking in the park and is very friendly to other dogs and children. Paisley also loves the water; can't wait to take her fishing this summer! While she is very spunky and fun, she is equally cuddly and sweet. We just absolutely love her!! Thanks so much!

I think that says it all. She is doing great! Still gets a little upset when we leave her at home but I think that will continue to improve. She seems to settle down after we leave and doesn't seem mad or upset when we get home, just happy to see us. She has gained about 4 pounds. What a great little personality she has. Still sleeps in her crate at night with no issues. I can't tell if she is more partial to one of us over the other; most dogs pick one family member to attach themselves to, but she stills seems equally attached to both of us. It's amazing. Such a wonderful little girl!

Thanks, Gina Hutchison


All is well with Rosalynn - we are enjoying every single moment with her. This is a wonderful dog and we thank you - we are in training mode, of course, and love that part too. She hikes daily and has a real love for squeeky toys - a great training tool. This picture was taken this weekend on one of our hikes - and for some reason I love the shot of her here!!!

We took your encouraging words and she is back spending a few hours a day in the crate. She is very smart and we are still working on getting her incorporated with the other dogs. I have one Papilon that is giving her attitude but it is inching in the right direction. Thanks again and we'll be in touch.

Best, Allison Fayer


It is official....I am completely taken with Chewbacca. I can't tell you how perfect he is for me. Everyone who meets him says he is a gentle and wise soul and that we are perfect mates. He has an uncanny ability to match his behavior to whatever animal he is around. My neighbors have a Cairn Terrier who is quite the pack leader; they love to play fight and roll around together. On our daily walks he is happy to greet people he already knows but takes his time deciding about new people. I truly believe Chewbacca was just waiting for me to take action after meeting his kennel mates at the Winter Park Farmers Market. I would never hesitate to recommend potential owners to Sandcastle and your Loving care.

All the best and hello from Chewbacca,

Anne Ragsdale


All 3 of my doodles volunteered this weekend at the Children's Miracle Network Telethon, an event that is held every year. They are therapy dogs at Geisinger Children's Hospital. This was Toni's first telethon and she did great. They attended a Princess and Pirate party and got lots of pictures with kids. Teagen and Toni kept their crowns on, Giovanna kept shaking her's off. They had a very, very busy weekend.

The Gillam Family



Toni the beautiful daughter of our Tegan Park Mikaila (Mickey) passed her test and is now a Certified Therapy Dog.

Congratulations, Toni!!

Mary Gillam


I would like to introduce the newest member of our family, Sammy Ballard. He is the one with all the brown curly hair.

My children have wanted a dog for a very long time, but they have terrible allergies. I heard about the Labradoodles and was very curious. My mother and I went out to the farm to see what all the commotion was about. We fell in love. Sammy came over to me and sat down and placed his head on my lap. It was love at first sight. We took him home that very night to my children, Taylor who is eight, and Connor who is four. They were ecstatic! It was like he was a long lost relative that came back home. He has a very calm demeanor and loving way about him. They children seem to even act better around him.

Sammy has never had one accident in the house and goes to work with my husband, who works in an office! He just lies on his pillow and is so happy for the company.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to have met the owners of the farm and to learn about this wonderful breed. I think Labradoodles must have been human in their last life. If you ever get a chance to meet an Australian Labradoodle, don't miss the opportunity; you will be glad you did. We sure are!!!

The Ballard Family: Amy, Chad, Taylor, Connor & Sammy

Just wanted to let you know that Sayer and Rigby continue the lovefest! After having Rigby to our vet for a 1st check-up he was impressed with her temperment and health. After looking over Rigby and the paperwork you sent home with her, he commented it was obvious you were doing everything right.

It appears there is going to be a 3rd Sandcastle Labradoodle in our family! My niece from Chicago who has been researching Labradoodles for some time was just visiting us and fell for Madigan. She has now returned home and has sent me an email telling me she is going to reserve one of your pups due January 7 as a birthday present to herself.

You and your team are the best,

Deni LaGalle

"I have two Labradoodles from Tegan Park's Zepher. I purchased the first pup from Kim in November of 2007. I shared with Kim that a family-friendly dog was a must since we have a large family with over 10 nieces and nephews who are quite young, and also have two children of our own. She told me she had a wonderful dog for my family, and she was so right. Tegan Park Cappuccino ("Capp") is a wonderful dog who is mellow and loving. He is the hit of the neighborhood and attracts children like a magnet. After we had him for six months, Kim helped us get our second pup from Zepher who is six months younger than Capp. We named him Tegan Java Joe. He is SO incredibly intelligent and obedient and is very fond of his brother Capp. They are both the most loving, loyal and intuitive dogs we have ever had. They both adore children and dote on their family members.

I checked with various breeders before purchasing a dog from Kim. The decision was sealed after working with her and listening to the characteristics of these wonderful dogs. She was patient and friendly, and I knew that I wanted to purchase the pups from her. These dogs are welcome and loved members of our family. They are smart, easily trained, and wonderful with people. I have had many dogs over the years, but these Labradoodles are awesome!"

Cindy Ambrose


I just wanted to give you an update on Romo. From the moment we picked him up from the airport, (Philadelphia International) he looked great. Romo he has been an absolute pleasure to be around. I can't say enough about how wonderful an experience it was dealing with you, Kim. Romo has a great disposition and is getting more adorable as the days go on. Our family was amazed at how smart he is and how quickly he was able to train. Romo is also a very social dog and he gets along with all kids and loves to be around the other dogs in our neighborhood. Keep up the good work you are doing an amazing job in breeding these wonderful dogs!

The Greenbaum Family - Lafayette Hill, PA


Elle & Doodlebug

After all, my little one, we are all journeymen on the bus of life. We are only blood and tissue. Some days it all lines up correctly and some days it doesn't.

when it doesn't, we have GOD. But for when HE is silent, HE gives us dogs and laughter.


We love her and think that she is happy with us. Thanks again for making such a difference to our family.

I had to send one more picture. If you knew my husband, you'd understand how unexpected this was.

He has been allergic to pets all of his life and tends to be a little less demonstrative anyway. Imagine my surprise when I came home to find him and Des snuggled up together on the couch!

She has totally won over the entire family and is such a sweet natured dog.




Itsy and Sparkles

I wanted to thank you for all your help on getting Captain Jack for us. He is all that you said he was and more; he is so smart, loving, affectionate and playful, he fits our family to a 'T'. He is just perfect, he never cried and he was so easy to potty train, my boys love him and we are so grateful for your help and for breeding such an excellent dog.

He arrived happy and ready to play, he is not shy or timid and he has the heart of a big dog in a small package. Everyone that meets him is smitten, they ask what kind of dog he is and where did I get him from. I whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who is looking for the perfect dog. Keep up the good work.

Lianne Godino - San Antonio, TX



Thorton on deck                                          Thorton on the boat

Coco is now 7 months old and is actually in charge of the family. I thought my kids would have given up their responsibilities by now but, it is the opposite. They are the first ones to volunteer for walking duty. She has been a great addition to our home and we would not have done it without your amazing help. My - the first day we talked until today, you have been there for us. I would recommend anyone interested in adopting a Labradoodle to speak to you first, and only you ...you are great."

Glenn Isaacs - V.P. Empire Hotel Group - New York, NY

I wanted to say thanks again for making my adoption process the best I have ever experienced when purchasing a puppy. As you know, I did a lot of homework before deciding on an Australian Labradoodle, and after speaking to you (phone & emails) I knew my purchase would only be a puppy from you! Flip is doing great and starting to become more of a lighter brown/cafe' color, which is very cool. He's about 38 pounds now and 20-inches at the shoulders (the perfect size medium-type male Labradoodle). He is now completely housebroken and I am starting off leash training, to which he is doing great at. He makes constant eye contact with me and never runs off.

Again, thanks for helping me decide on a dog that matches (me) perfectly; his personality is starting to mature and he has become an awesome dog (1 year old on June 2nd). I can't wait to see what's ahead for 2008 but I'm sure this will be the year for puppy #2.

William V.





Playful - Loving - Intelligent - Gentle - Joyful - Non-Shedding - Hypo-Allergenic

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Sandcastle's Handsome Storm King - RIP 2019



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