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Sandcastle Silver Shadow"s Saucy L'il Pepper


        Pepper10                                   Pepperweb                                                                   

Sire: Tegan Park  Zepher Ebony Roses' Bear Cub   Dam: Tegan Park Lil Itsy Bitsy's Silver Shadow

DOB 01-05-2017 Black w/silver tips Wavy Fleece

Pepper is a large miniature 15.5" tall and 31 pounds

 WALA# NW00030664

 Amarillo Belle27web


Tegan Park Mikaila's Sweet Summer Flower

aka: Flower

flower 82613breederpg
Sire: Tegan Park Bobby's Raven and Dam: Tegan Park Mikaila
 Medium Silver loose wavy fleece. Flower is a small medium weighing 19  lbs and 18 inches tall
.She carries all colors.

Flower continues to live with her loving breeders in Texas

 Tegan Park Lil Itsy Bitsy's Silver Shadow

aka: Shadow


shadow breeders head91613

Sire: Tegan Park Golddust and Dam: Tegan Park Lil Itsy BitsyMiniature Cream Wavy Fleece.

Shadow is a medium weighing 24 lbs and 19 inches tall

She carries brown, cream-white-red-apricot no black (bbEe)

Shadow remaines with her breeders in Texas


Tegan Park Scottish Charm's Scottish Beauty

aka: Beauty/Belle



Sire: Tegan Park Remington Bear and Dam: Tegan Park Scottish Charm
  Medium Chocolate/Auburn wavy fleece coat
 Beauty is a standard weighing 41 lbs and 21-1/2 inches tall
 She carries brown, cream-white-red-apricot no black (bbEe) 
Beauty is now residing in a loving home in Pa


Tegan Park Scottish Charm's Scottish Delite

aka: Delite


Sire Tegan Park Remington Bear and Dam Tegan Park Scottish Charm.

Miniature Chocolate wavy fleece.  Delite is a medium weighing 31 lbs and 19 inches tall

 She carries brown, cream-white-red-apricot no black (bbEe)
Delite (Dee Dee) is residing in her Florida forever home

Queen Tegan Park Bella Donna
Sire: Tegan Park Moby and Dam: Tegan Park Caramel Candy
She is straight from Australia, and is sugar sweet
                                      Bella has a lovely lavender cream with chocolate highlights, wavy fleece coat
                                                                                Bella is 29 lbs, 18 inches
                                                             Bella is PRA Normal, Hips and Elbows excellent
Bella resides in a forever home


Queen Sandcastle's Parti-Rivermist Tori's Windy



Sire: Rivermist Cloudcatcher Keith and Dam: Rivermist Tori
 Windy is 20 1/4 lbs, 16 inches
Windy is a miniature black and white Parti with the much desired compact, blocky body, square face and exceptional markings
She is sweet, loving, intelligent, and playful.
Windy is PRA Normal, with Good hip scores
Windy is residing in a Guardian Home

Queen Tegan Park Mikaila

 Sire: Tegan Park Poppa Bear and Dam: Tegan Park Madison

                                                Mickey is medium-sized and has a stunning silver smoke, wavy coat
She is a direct decendent of the much revered "Magdella" line
She passes on all the best traits of the Australian Labradoodle
Her PRA is normal and her hip and elbow scores are excellent
Mickey is 27 lbs, 17 1/2 inches
Mickey is residing in a forever home  


 Queen Tegan Park Broadway


  Sire: Rutlands Cassidy and Dam:Tegan Park Star Attraction

 Brodie has a hip and elbow score above 90%. Her PRA is normal
She is a medium size with lavender cream wavy fleece coat
She is playful and loving and delivers beautiful puppies in a variety of colors
Brodie is 28 lbs, 18 1/2 inches
Brodie is residing in a forever home 

Queen Tegan Park Scottish Charm

 Sire: Tegan Park Mandaluck and Dam: Tegan Park Irish Desire

Charm is a medium, and has a chocolate lavender wavy fleece coat. Hips are at 90%, her PRA is normal
Charm is absolutely exquisite in every way. She is sweet, loving and is a great mom
Charm is 35 lbs, 18 inches.
Charm is residing in a forever home


Queen Tegan Parks All That Class




Sire:Tegan Park Perriwinkle and  Dam: Tegan Park All That Jazz
Coming from a long line of Tegan Park miniatures, Classy is a beautiful apricot cream wavy fleece TOY with a sound,
compact conformation She is an exceptionally sweet and lovable dog
 She is a PRA type B with normal hips and elbows
 Classy is 13 lbs, and 12 inches
Classy is now residing in a forever home with the Skeen family 


Queen Tegan Park's Fleur De Leis


 Sire: Tegan Park Shazam and Dam: Tegan Park Paris


Fleur is PRA normal- Hip and elbow rating is 90

She is a playful, loving, delightful, tiny miniature Labradoodle, with a gorgeous spiral apricot cream coat
She is 20 lbs, 11 inches
She is a direct descendant of Champion Koel's Red Barron Down Under
 Fleur is residing in a forever home


Queen Tegan Park's Sparkles



 Sire: Tegan Park Poppa Bear and Dam: Tegan Park Pazazz

She has a normal PRA and has an Australian hip and elbow grading of 1
This true miniature apricot cream girl is superb in every way
Sparkles is 23 lbs, 12 1/2 inches
Sparkles is residing in a Guardian home


 Queen Tegan's Lil Itsy Bitsy



Sire :Tegan Park Mr. Iron Chef- red/gold miniature and Dam: Tegan Park Lil Bo Peep a red/gold miniature
 This precious darling bundle of joy with soft brown bedroom eyes filled with intelligence and love has a true cream coat with red tips on her face, ears, and tail
She has a disposition of true love
She arrived on June 6th, 2008 by the kindness of Angela Cunningham of Tegan Park
Itsy is 22 lbs, 13 inches.
Itsy is residing in a forever home with the Tucker family 

Queen Tegan Park Zepher's Ebony Rose

ebony breeders91613


ebony breeders head91613 

Sire: is Tegan Park Mr. Impressive and Dam: is Tegan Park Zepher
She is a Standard and residing in a forever home
Ebony Rose has a Black Wavy Fleece coat with Red Highlights
She carries genes for all colors
Ebony lives with her forever family in Florida 


 Sandcastle Tegan Park Lil Itsy Bitsy's Creamsicle

((aka Creamy))

      Creamy4 16 web          Creamy Web

Sire: Tegan Park Golddust   Dam: Tegan Park Lil Itsy Bitsy

DOB: 3/18/11 Cream wavy fleece

Creamy  is a medium weighing 30 lbs and 19 inches tall

Creamy carries all colors

WALA# 00030655


Tegan Park Mikaila's Maxmillian
aka: Max
Max 9webjpg
Sire:Tegan Park Lil Itsy Bitsy's Creamsicle and Dam: Tegan Park Mikalia
Max is a standard weighing 36 lbs and 20 1/2 inches tall Medium Wavy Lavender-Cream coat(Frozen Semen Available to qualified breeding program)

Max found his forever loving home in Oralndo Florida 


King Sandcastle's Parti - Rivermist Tori's Storm King



 Son of the beautiful miniature, perfect Parti breeders, Rivermist Tori and Rivermist Cloudcatcher Keith

Stormy is a cinimmon and white Parti with exceptional parentage, outstanding markings, a sweet, loving, and playful disposition and superior intelligence. He stands 15 1/2 inches, 22 lbs.
He comes from a long line of outstanding hip and elbow scores, and normal CERF and pred PRA test.
Residing in a ForeverHome


King Tegan Park Remington Bear


 Sire :Tegan Park Poppa Bear and Dam: Tegan Park Irish Windsong
Medium, Milk Chocolate Spiral Fleece
Hip and Elbow Grade A, PRA Normal
Bear is a proven stud. He passes to his offspring all the best qualities of the true Australian Multigeneration Labradoodle
His bloodline is strong for soundness and contains genes for red and gold
He has the disposition of a true service dog
Bear is 26 lbs, 17 1/2 inches
Bear is residing in a forever home 


 Tegan Park Zepher's Raindancer




                                          Sire: Tegan Park Mr. Impressive and Dam: Tegan Park Zpher
Standard, Black Wavy Fleece
 Rainey is a perfect love. Perfect conformation, beautiful face and eyes
 From Tegan Park's Therapy Line
Rainey is residing in a "forever" GUARDIAN HOME with Dr. Kow and family
He carries for all colors


Tegan Park Scottish Charms' Shifting Sands

aka: Sandy


Sandy 8web

Sire: Tegan Park Remington Bear and Dam: Tegan Park Scottish Charm
Medium Chocolate Wavy fleece coat 
Sandy  is a standard weighing 36 lbs and 21 inches tall.
He carries chocolate gene only
                                               Sandy resides in his new forever home in Florida


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Sandcastle's Handsome Storm King - RIP 2019



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