Laura Peters Armstrong

January 2019 I’m so happy we found you. Winston is the smartest, sweetest family member we have ever had. He is the most awesome dog and we could not love him more! Regards, Laura Peters Armstrong

Carla Hudson

2017 Look how big he is getting we couldn’t be happier and we love him so much!! He’s the sweetest and most patient dog we have ever owned. He was meant to be ours. Regards, Carla Hudson ❤️ 🐾…

Sandy Brown Levine

2017 I am so pleased and lucky to have gotten this little girl, we call her Poppy! She is A fabulous dog !! And I don’t think that’s by whim or happenstance…the more I hear about other dogs and…

Ned Kight

July 2017 FYI, Charm is doing well in Hilton Head, the best friend an 81-year-old man could possibly have. She sees Bear, owned by my son, several times a year. Regards, Ned Kight


July 2017 Puggles are doing great.  We kept his name since it really fits him.  He is 40 pounds, 22″ long (shoulder to butt), and 20″ high (shoulder to paw). He is a great dog!  Very loving, yet mischievous….

Gayle Anson

July 5, 2017 Here are a few pictures of Piper. She is such a sweet girl with a great disposition and is always in a great mood. She loves to play with our 90 lb black lab and loves…

Ida McCarty

June 2017 Hi, Joan… so good to hear from you and to learn you’re going to have so many beautiful fur babies available! Stormy had his 8th birthday last month and continues to charm all who meet him! He…

Roger and Jill

December 2016 Hello, Merry Christmas to your family from ours. Sending you holiday wishes which include our beautiful beautiful baby Tickles. She will always be our baby girl. She could not be loved anymore. She is a huge part…

Tim Mann

2016 Hi Joan, Izzy is the best dog I have ever had. Thank you for connecting me with this wonderful little dog. Everyone loves her! Merry Christmas! Tim Mann