Kitty & Mike Bolier

Everyday I give thanks for being referred to Sandcastle Authentic Labradoodles.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity of having Nellie Fox become part of our family.  She was extremely easy to house train, learn what the word “no” meant, leash train and she has never met a stranger, human or dog.
Nellie is now a year old, my best “friend” and makes us laugh many times a day.  After mike’s medical issues she has made it her job to read when either of us need a little “pick me up”.  She comes and lays in our lap and provides lots of kisses😹😹.  We have always had labs but from this point forward S/C Australian Labradoodles will be our choice.  No shedding, no matting and smaller size is perfect for our age.
She has also given a new lease on life to our 13 year old lab. She has started having breathing issues and when this happens Nellie runs to her side and lays down.  Our 9 year old lab is her tug of war and play partner.
Although we have no young children around, there is no doubt in my mind that she would be perfect with them.
Kitty  7/23